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Professional composing of music

Professional composing of music for video frames of advertisements and films. A thorough analysis of the strong points in the video image. The confidentiality clause is implemented from the first conversations about a given project.

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Foley sound recording

Professional production of film audio tracks, specialized ADR recordings, synchronous folley effects, creating surround sound, Mastering to the 5.1 surround format.

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Broadcast music valuation

Valuation of music and vocal performances for television, radio, and internet broadcasting based on the duration of the advertising campaign and territorial area.

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Professional musical arrangements

Professional arrangements of songs and composing derivative songs with similar musical values to the reference track.

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Video editing

Video editing with discussion of all directorial elements, with sound production in one studio. Preliminary/final coloring at the director's discretion.

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Product photography

Product photography, photo sessions..

Showcasing Excellence in Creativity

Stielerstudios is the EU's top brand choice, reflecting an extraordinary combination of art and musical functionality. About 500 TV and radio advertisements


Sebastian Stieler

Sebastian Stieler

Owner of Stielerstudios. Composer specializing in creating music for commercials and films in all musical styles.

Kaya "chilli" Tomczak

Kaya "chilli" Tomczak

Extremely talented, able to precisely and creatively use her vocal voice in music for projects and film dubbing. A woman with avant-garde ideas.

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Experience professional music composition, video editing, audio recording, and photography at Stielerstudios.

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